________________________________________ – The website for MENC. – The website for the Technology Institute for Music Educators. – The website for the New Jersey State Chapter of TI:ME. – The homepage for the Association for Technology in Music Instruction. – The website for the New Jersey Music Educators Association. – The webssite for the New York State School Music Association. – The homepage for the National Symposium for Music Instruction Technology. – The homepage for the International Society for Music Education. – The homepage for the International Society for Technology in Education. – The homepage for the International Association of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers. – The homepage for the amazing Vermont MIDI Project. – The homepage for the College Music Society.– The website of the American Choral Directors Association – The American Orff-Schulwerk Association website. – The American String Teachers Association website. – The International Association of Jazz Educators website. – The Organization of American Kodaly Educators website. – The homepage for the VH1/Save The Music Project. – The International Foundation for Music Research homepage. – The homepage for the National Endowment for the Arts. – The homepage for the electronic Music Foundation. – The homepage for the Institute for Music Research. – The homepage for the Music Teachers National Association. – The homepage for the Music For All Foundation. – The homepage for the Percussive Arts Society. – The homepage for the Midwest Band Clinic.
________________________________________ – The homepage for SoundTree. – The homepage for Thomas Rudolph, music technology expert and the author of Teaching Music With Technology, my favorite text about technology. – A great site by TI:ME Vice President Mike Moniz for information on effective music technology professional development in the New England area. – this is a great collection of lesson plans specifically tailored to incorporating GarageBand into the classroom. – This plugin application for GarageBand allows you to import MIDI files into a GarageBand file.
The MENC Technology Open Forum – a place to post, read and respond to questions about technology from music educators across the country. – The technology page for the JW Pepper Company. – The Lentines Music Technology Articles Page. Lots of great information. – The homepage for School Band & Orchestra Magazine – lots of articles about technology in the music program. – The homepage for Experiencing Music Technology 3rd Edition by David Williams and Peter Webster. – Mike Klinger's website. Great information about music technology workshops that he runs around the country. – The homepage for the Roland Music Education Community. – The homepage for the Yamaha Musical Instruments. – A great audio & MIDI resource for Mac users. Lots of articles, news releases, and product profiles for musicians.

________________________________________ – The homepage for GIA Publications – one of the many places to get Tom Rudolph's great book, Teaching Music With Technology. – The homepage for Music Education Technology Magazine. – The homepage for Wired magazine.
K-12 Resources for Music Educators – The best links page for music educators online. – Great links page! The Internet Resource for Music Educators.
Resources in Music Technology – Dr. William Bauer's Music Technology Links page.
A Music Technology Glossary – great page that defines many of the terms associated with music technology.
Music Technology Dictionary – another great page that has many definitions and explanations.
Wikipedia: Music Technology – a great glossary of music technology terms with links to relevant articles and sites. – A great Music Education launch site. – A great online resource for the band director. – This site allows you to list your name in a national music teacher database.  Prospective students check the site for private music teachers in their area.  It is free to list your information. – The Internet Public Library – a collection of great FREE music sites. – The Music Graphics Galore Website – great FREE clip art. – Mark Harden's archive of famous artworks. – The homepage for the Future of Music Coalition – very interesting articles on technology. – The homepage for the Ashes and Snow Exhibit – some fantastic images for use with your students as inspiration for composition. Highly recommended! – The Experience Music Project – an interactive museum in Seattle, WA. Some great content. – The MIT Music Technology website. – The Web Concert Hall – live online concerts. Pretty cool site. – The Open Directory Project. Good links. Peer mediated. – A great website to create interactive Flash games and quizzes for your websites! – A very useful collection of html scripts that will add interactivity to your website. – Theremin World! A fantastic resource for information about Theremins! – The homepage for Moog Musical Instruments. – A great British website that contains a ton a great information about music technology – including a fantastic free tutorials section. – A great resource for music teachers who teach blind and visually impaired students with technology. – A fantastic comprehensive music technology dictionary.
________________________________________ – The Choral Public Domain Library – thousands of FREE choral arrangements. – The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection. Over 29,000 songs in the public domain available in PDF and JPEG format. Amazing resource. – This is the online site for the music division of the Library of Congress. It is a good resource for finding information about early American music. There is information on Civil War songs, songs in the 1870s and 1880s about woman suffrage, and Tin Pan Alley songs. – The homepage for J.W. Pepper. – a pretty nice collection of PDF files of music in the public domain. – Just what the name says – all sorts of blank sheet music for you to print out for your students. – The Free Sheet Music section of the Gutenberg project, a collection of free eBooks. – A pretty nice collection of free sheet music geared towards educators. – Over 500 free pieces of sheet music in the public domain.
________________________________________ – A wonderful MIDI archive of classical music masterpieces. – A collection of free MIDI utility applications. – This website is similar to the Classical Music Archives except you can download as many MIDI files as you want for free without joining anything. – The homepage for the MIDI Manufacturers Association. Useful information and links about MIDI. – The MIDI Database. Be careful of arrangements – many are of songs that are copyright protected. – A great resource for MIDI utility applications. – A MIDI search engine for finding MIDI files online. – Hundreds of links to websites containing MIDI files of various genres. – A great introduction to all things MIDI created by Peter Raschke from Northwestern University. – A great launch site containing many useful links to various MIDI archives. – A very nice collection of MIDI files from various genres of folk songs and historis American songs.
________________________________________ – an amazing resource for free digital audio software and a huge collection of legal mp3s. – A fantastic website run by the Music Genome Project that streams music on your computer based on artists that you like. Very cool! – A website that offers free mp3s and music licensing. Their slogan is "We are not evil." – an exciting new way to legally listen to, purchase, and share music – all while making money for yourself if others buy music that you've recommended to them. A very exciting way to get students turned on to legally downloading music. – The Live Music Archive on the Internet Archive Site containing thousands of legal and downloadable live performances of many different musical performers. – A fantastic free resource for finding famous speeches from American history in various audio formats. – The Freesound Project – a collaborative database of many free sounds made possible by a liscencing agreement with Creative Commons. – From the creator of the amazing K-12 Resources page, this is a great collection of legal mp3 and MIDI files for music educators to download for use with their students. – thousands of copyright free audio loops for available for download. – a very interesting project that encourages users to download music, remix it, and post it. Music by the Beastie Boys and David Byrne is available for remixing on the site through a licensing agreement with Creative Commons. Very cool! – a site very similar to CCMixter hosted by Sony Media Software. – a website that allows users to store and publish their own audio and video creations. – royalty free music, sound effects & MIDI files. – over 400 free loops & samples. – more samples & loops. – a great resource for all of your digital audio questions, as well as a great links page to finding audio loops and samples online. – the source for all information on the MPEG format. Great FAQ section and digital audio glossary. – A great source for royalty free music made for incorporating into Flash animations.
________________________________________ – The homepage for the US Copyright Office.
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 – Download the code in PDF format. – The homepage for the Music Publisher's Association. Great link to read the Copyright Guide for Music Educators. – MENC's policy page on Copyright issues. – The homepage for the Recording Industry Association of America. – The Creative Commons homepage. A great source of audio and visual media content produced with a special flexible copyright agrrement which allows users to "play" with content. Highly recommended for teachers who are looking for "safe" media to use with students. – The homepage for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. A group dedicated to making file-sharing legal. Interesting look at an alternate viewpoint on P2P file sharing. – An advocacy group based in Washington, DC dedicated to keeping content in the public domain. – A reference site to find out whether or not a piece of music is in the public domain. – The homepage for The Future Of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution by authors David Kusek and Gerd Leonhard. – A great chart that clearly illustrates the guidelines for copyright and fair use for teachers. – The website for the Constitutional Rights Foundation which answers many questions about copyright issues. – Take the Copyright Quiz!
Download this handy-dandy Copyright Chart!
________________________________________ – Sony Classical's companion website to their Classical Record Label. – Ricci Adam's wondefully designed site for music theory drills and exercises. – SoundJunction is produced by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Fantastic site for exploring and creating music. – a great fee-based interactive music theory website that allows you to create your own theory exercises, use preexisting exercises, and track student scores. – The BBC website for children called Making Tracks that has numerous free online musical games, including "The Beat Machine" and "Sequenza". Highly recommended! – another great fee-based music theory site with a structured curriculum which acts as a college preparatory program for high school students. – a great free ear training website with many different types of exercises. – Dr. Scott Watson's excellent Home Practice Online website. – a website created by Dr. Brian Blood that has many theory lessons as well as music history lessons. – The Classical Music Pages – a great resources for any music teacher looking for biographical information as well as images of many composers. – This site, Music Notes, is aimed at high school and college students.  It contains music theory, history and style lessons, as well as an interactive section where students can complete crossword puzzles, take ear training test and complete theory quizzes. – another great free music theory with many interactive exercises. This site is in both English and Spanish. – this is a great website for teaching students how to play chords on the guitar. Users input the chord and the graphics show the different ways to play it on guitar.
Theory on the Web – a free hypertext music theory course by Robert Frank, a theory professor at SMU.
The Music Maid – free software that allows the teacher to create theory exercises and worksheets. – there is a great feature on this site, the Online Guitar Community, called Groove Builder. It's just like having Band-In-A-Box – pretty cool programming. – a great website from Great Britain with loads of worksheets, online lessons and quizzes based around the British system of Music Education. – The Kids Website for the New York Philharmonic – great site! – The Kids Website for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra – highly recommended! – San Francisco Symphony’s answer to – An amazing website for elementary aged students from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. One of the best I've seen! – The website for the American Symphony Orchestra League. It is a great website for kids made by the same folks who created – Wesleyan University's Online Virtual Instrument Museum – Thanks Darcie! – A great website for learning & testing intervals – Thanks Kelly!– Similar to Musical Intervals Tutor, this is a great website for ear training also. – Another great website for ear training. – Here’s a site that can be used with elementary children and possibly Middle School children to teach them about John Phillip Sousa. – This is the official children’s website of the New York Metropolitan Opera. – Metronome Online is a free web tool that functions as a regular metronome!  You can adjust the beats per minute and practice along with the basic click.  (It also plays A440.) – The Learning Zone of the music label Naxos provides introductory information on classical music. – The Classical Music Navigator. A very good resource on the classicaal music genre. – A virtual djembe allows students to hear and play (by typing on keyboard) the different tones of the African djembe.  A great supplement to a multicultural unit for all ages. – The great homepage for the Northern Valley/Old Tappan High School Instrumental Music Dept. – Another wonderful music department from the Harmony Intermediate School in Hamilton, VA. – A great listing of many different movies and the classical music contained in each. Perfect for discussing the use of music in movies. Thanks Emilia! – A wonderful resources for students and teachers on how to effectively practice. Many informative articles. – The Science of Music website hosted by Exploratorium has some great science-related music activities, movies and questions. Thanks Doreen! – The Classics for Kids website, sponsored by Naxos, has some great games and resources about Classical Music.
________________________________________ : The Radio WillowWeb Site. Fantastic examples of podcasts from students in Grades K-6. Highly recommended. : A website filled with Video Podcasts "Vodcasts" made by middle and high school students. : Apple Computer's educational podcasting site. Great information on how to get started with podcasting in the classroom. : Stanford University's iTunes University website. Links to recitals and lectures. The wave of the future in higher ed. : The Education Podcast Network site. Some great links to podcasts specifically about music education!– Music Education podcasts on Podcasting News. – The EdTech Musician podcast on Some great podcasting all about music technology. – The Cranbrook Composers Project on A great idea for getting students original compositions online. : Podcast Alley – a good source for tons of podcasts – with almost 700 educational podcasts and counting! – A Podcast series entitled From The Trenches hosted by the Music For All Foundation. – A great article about a music educator in San Diego, CA who is podcasting with his music students. – A great outlet for podcasts other than iTunes. There is also a pretty cool audio recorder that allows you to record your voice through your web browser and then share your recordings wth your friends. : The website for a software application called ProfCast. This handy utility allows you to record your lectures and import your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. – a great website that allows you to post your podcasts online without much effort. There are thousands of podcasts on the site. – my podcasting website.
________________________________________ : The Indiana University website on World Music.  The best links page I have seen for research into hundreds of different cultures. : The MENC World Music Resource page.  Recommended books and videos only. : The Roots World Website.  An online magazine not only promoting World Music Artist CD’s, but also providing some good information about various cultures and their music. : World Music, a non-profit organization in the Boston area that presents concerts and workshops on featuring World Music artists. : The World Music Institute’s website.  The group presents concerts featuring music and dance from around the world.  The group is based in New York City. : The American Musicological Society links page to various world music resources. : An extremely well put together resource about many different cultures and their music produced by Silver-Burdett Ginn Publishing meant to be an enhancement to the Making Music series. :  A commercial online record company website that features many different resources on the music of peoples around the world.  Features  articles about the music of different regions of the world and a comprehensive guide to Musical Instruments of the World. : Created by a Spanish journalist, the non-profit website is concerning the promotion of new world music as well as informative articles about traditional music. : A website in the Educational Cyber Playground website that features a comprehensive links page. : The Medieval Music and Arts Page with some very good resources on recordings of music from India and Southeast Asia. : An ethnomusicologists dream website from the University of Washington Library wbsite.  Very comprehensive. : The Ethnomusicology Online website from the  University of Maryland.  This is a peer-reviewed web journal containing articles about various cultures, world music issues, and pedagogical discourse. : The Society for Ethnomusicology homepage.  Excellent links page. The music of Tibetan Buddhism website.  Great images and audio files. A website which details how to build your own didgeridoo out of PVC pipe.  There are many other great art projects on the website as well. A wonderful resource on Indian music written by Dr. David Courtney.  Great content, images and audio files. : A resource for classroom teachers just starting to think about teaching world music in their curriculum. : The World Culture Foundation’s Pen Friends page for setting up pen pals in different countries.  Nothing to do with music directly, but could serve the curriculum very well. : Follow the World Trek organization as they shed light on different world cultures through web diaries and multimedia displays about where they are. : This San Diego based organization has done a great deal for educating about World Music.  Great images and links. : A comprehensive guide to the traditional music of Korea. : A comprehensive resource about the traditional and popular music of Japan. : A very well designed and informative site about the traditional music of China. : The Internet Chinese Music Archives features many, many audio recordings of traditional Chinese folk songs. : A comprehensive look at the music and culture of Bali and Indonesia. : A website featuring the traditional and classical music of the peoples of Malaysia. : The American Folk Life Center website maintained by the Library of Congress.  Yes, we are world music! : A website dedicated to Norwegian Folk Music. : Ravi Shankar’s official website contains some very good resources for teaching about Indian music. : Indiana University’s Latin American Music site.  Great resource for teaching students about the music of Latin America. : Great website on Bali, it’s culture and it’s music. : The African music encyclopedia.  Many great links! : A website created by Fulbright Scholar Kevin O'Sullivan that teaches African drumming. Very cool site! : Great website about Middle Eastern Music.  Many audio files and links.
________________________________________ – an amazing collection of lesson plans and resources from one of the premier institutions for music technology. – An amazing collection of interdisciplinary lesson plans for the music classroom. – The PBS Teacher Source – a great collection of lesson plans for the arts. – The ArtsEdNet website from the Getty Foundation – more great lesson plans for the arts. – The Music Education Blog Collective. Some fantastic blogging by some amazing music educators in New York. – A blog entitled Catalysts & Connections by Evan Tobias. Amazing insight into music education – great links – great writing. Highly recommended! – Lesson Plans from the American Music Education Initiative. – This site has lots of informative articles, games, and lesson plans for teaching music – worth a visit! – This is the National Music Foundation’s website, and there are 86 free music lesson plans for you to download and use in your music classrooms.  You can also publish your own lesson plans for others to use on this site. – This site is geared to all music educators looking for resources online.  You can post your own music program website for free.  Other features on the site include public relations suggestions, online Master Classes, Event & Result postings as well as a great links page. – While similar to, this site offers many more features, including a more comprehensive discussion board, free software & MIDI files, surveys, job listings, articles and more. – Teachers specializing interested in early childhood music development and education will find a vast body of music curricula, teaching ideas and songs/games specifically designed for children ages 0-5 years old. – lots of great lesson plans for the music classroom. – great links about Classical Music, including "This Day in Music History". – There are a number of terrific free General Music lesson plans posted on this site for Grades K through 8. – The homepage for Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching. Great lesson plans geared toward technology and multimedia. – A great resource for all band directors. Lots of great articles and videos!
________________________________________ – The homepage for the full line of products from Sibelius. – An amazing collection of scores in the Scorch format which are available for free or by purchase. Check it out – great resource for finding great new music. – The homepage for the makers of Finale. – Get your free copy of Finale NotePad here. – The homepage for the SmartMusic Student Practice software. – The homepage for the M-AUDIO line of products. – The homepage for the Cakewalk line of Music Software. – The homepage for Propellerheads Software – the company that makes Reason. – The homepage for PG Music Software, the makers of Band-In-A-Box. – The homepage for the Practica Musica Theory Program. – The homepage for MiBAC Software. Great theory resources in the Reference section! – The homepage for ECS Media Music Software. – one of my favorite pieces of music technology hardware. – The homepage for Kurzweil Music Systems. – The homepage for Alfred, makers of the Essentials of Music Theory CD-ROM series. – The homepage for Harmonic Vision Software, makers of Music Ace. – The Free Software Foundation. Over 4,000 free software titles. – Another great resource for finding freeware and shareware – including lots of music titles. – The homepage for iTunes. Download the software here. – The homepage for Napster. 
________________________________________ – The homepage for the Franklin Lakes School District. – A link to my technology-based general music curriculum at the Franklin Avenue Middle School where I currently teach. – The homepage for Teachers College, Columbia University where I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor. – The homepage for Montclair State University where I also serve on the Adjunct Faculty.
________________________________________ – This is the official website for Jazz at Lincoln Center. – The official website for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. – The Smithsonian Jazz Class – great lesson plans! – The official homepage for the estate of Duke Ellington. Lots of great info about this legendary jazz musician and composer. – The homepage for the Thelonius Monk Jazz Institute. A great jazz curriculum is on this site, as well as biographical info. – Dave Douglas' record label – a glimpse into the future of jazz music distribution. – A great resource for jazz curricula at different grade levels through the Thelonius Monk Institute. – A very good source of jazz history for music educators. – The Jazz Resource page of WNUR Radio – Northwestern University – The All About Jazz Timeline – very comprehensive. – The official website for the Ken Burns Jazz Series on PBS. – A Jazz Theory and Improvisation course by Pete Thomas. – A complete free jazz theory workbook. – Jamey Aebersold free Jazz Handbook. – A complete jazz theory course. – The complete Billy Taylor Jazz Lectures from the Kennedy Center. – Free jazz video podcasts – some very cool stuff. – A jazz blog & podcast from Rome, Italy. – The entire Real Book as free Band-In-A-Box files. These files can be saved as MIDI files and opened in a notation program like Sibelius or Finale – pretty incredible. – Another great jazz website from PBS geared for younger students. – The homepage for Downbeat Magazine. – The homepage for Jazz Times Magazine. – The official website for the Montreaux Jazz Festival. – The homepage for the Village Vanguard Jazz Club. – The homepge for the Iridium Jazz Club. – The homepage for the Jazz Standard Club. – The homepage for the jazz radio staation WBGO, 88.3FM. – A great online store for all sorts of jazz oriented merchandise. – The official website for the Benevento-Russo Duo. – The official website for the best banjo player I know, Bela Fleck. – The official website for guitarist Bill Frisell. – The official website for pianist Brad Mehldau. – The official website for legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea. – The official website of John Coltrane. – The official website for jazz trumpeter Dave Douglas. – A website dedicated to the works of Dizzy Gillespie supported by King Musical Instruments. – The official website of Ella Fitzgerald. – The official website of saxophonist Greg Osby. – The official website of the legendary Herbie Hancock. – The official website for trumpeter Tom Harrell. – The official website for guitarist extraordinaire Charlie Hunter. – The official website for pianist Jacy Terrasson. – The official website of jazz guitarist John Scofield. – The official website of singer/pianist Kurt Elling. – The official website of guitarist Marc Ribot. – A website dedicated to the work of Miles Davis. – The official website for Medeski, Martin & Wood. – The homepage of jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller. – The homepage of jazz pianist Jason Moran. – The homepage for jazz trio The Bad Plus. – The homepage for the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. – The official website for guitarist Brad Shepik. – The official website for trombonist Steve Turre. – The official website for pianist Uri Caine. – The official website of one of my graduate students at Teachers College – a terrific jazz trumpeter in the New York area. – The official website of another one of my terrific graduate students at Teachers College – a great tenor saxophone player in the New York area. – A very cool website that hosts a monthly on-demand webcast titled "Notes From the Western Edge" that features a variety of jazz musicians on the cutting edge of music. Worth a look!
________________________________________ – The homepage for my brother Marks' audio recording company. – The homepage for the Blue Man Group. My brother Mark has recently joined the New York Cast, and I am very proud of him. – The homepage for the new Monty Python Broadway Musical, Spamalot. My sister Jennifer is in the cast, and I am very proud of her also! – The homepage for my mother's dance studio where I have spent most of my childhood (not dancing), and where I met my wife Alison, who is a teacher there. – the homepage for one of my favorite authors, Lawrence Lessig. – The homepage for my favorite radio news source. – Composer Patrick Burns' homepage. – Forget about auction websites. Craigslist is an amazing classified ads website offering new and used musical instruments in the New York metro area. There are also sites for most other major cities as well. Highly recommended! – a website where you can swap CD's, DVD's, books and more for free. – A peer moderated and created encyclopedia. Democracy in action! – I admit it – I am completely addicted to this game! – The homepage of the greatest baseball team in history. – Need proof that the paradigm has shifted? – The website for my good friend Neil Berg. Neil is a Broadway composer and has done many benefit concerts at my school over the years.
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