Dear Music Lovers;

We are so happy to introduce you scientific and artistic activities of our conservatory which has important contributions to the music culture of our country and the world with its national and international scientific and artistic activities one not valuable than the other alongside qualified education training activities.

We are proud to give regular concerts from our conservatory or guest performers and art major concerts alongside the activities such as International Hisarlı Ahmet Symposium, National April 23 Children’s Choir Festival, National Amateur Instrumentalists Festival, Instrument Science Workshop, Music Educators Workshop, World Voice Day Activities, Life Time Honorary Awards, Ihvan-I Musiki Commune.

In each academic year in our conservatory; concerts inland or abroad, communes, explanative recitations, concerts and recitals are given regularly with the participation and supports of either our educators and students or national and international scientists and artists. During this whole process, all the effort and success belongs to our qualified educator and artist staff. Serious and devoted studies, activities in and outside the class have an impact on the improvement and transformation of the students.

The activities of our conservatory contribute to sociocultural and socioeconomic improvement and transformation of the city Afyon. During this process, we do not only want to contribute to the cultural transformation and improvement to the ones living in Afyon; but also, in the region and country.

We work, produce and share. Because we want the life to be meaningful. And we believe the power of music in this interpretation for meaning.

To be together in the activities and in the process of education training of conservatory will give us strength.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çağhan ADAR


05 September 2016, Monday 5327 kez görüntülendi