Music Department is administrative manager of Social Sciences Institute Music Art Major programme. In this programme, post graduate and proficiency in art education are provided.

It is aimed to enable students to choose lessons in which they can expertise in their fields, to bring up conservatory students who are artists-performers, vocalists, music scientists, composers, conductors, educators, experts and who obtains proficiency of art, to active “education-music education-pedagogy” fields, not to divide but to combine, to unify, to make the valid programs coherent to national and international.

Research Subjects

  • Music and Psychology Researches
  • Music and Sociology Researches
  • Music and Pedagogy Researches
  • Music and Therapy Researches
  • Music Education Researches
  • Musicology Researches
  • Instrument and Instrument Education Researches
  • Voice and Vocal Training Researches
  • Choir and Choir Education Researches
  • Traditional Music Researches
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