Our Conservatory aims to improve our country’s art culture with in the light of cultural politics with qualified artists, scientists and lecturers in different kinds and colours of music. Carrying on its education and training within the structures of Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Art Music, Music and Stage Arts, our Conservatory aims to serve the country and world culture as being at the centre of national and international artistic and scientific activities to improve the science of music alongside music assemblies, children choirs composed in different music types. Our educators and students who are devoted to studying for being the first music institutes that comes to mind in Afyonkarahisar and the cities in the region, gaining talented individuals to the art of music, being among the distinguished institutions are the most important elements to make these aims real.


Our conservatory’s mission is to contribute to the cultural transformation and improvement of the society, to bring up qualified individuals in Turkish Folk Music, Turkish Art Music, Music and Classical Music Departments and to do national and international scientific and artistic activities.


Our vision is to be among the most reputable institutions of the world which provides professional music education by realizing the scientific and artistic activities and publications and bringing up artists, scientists in national and international standards.

10 November 2017, Friday 3485 kez görüntülendi